Seattle and Eastside Headshot  and Event Photography

Proud sponsor of the Sammamish Beaver Lake Triathlon. For event pictures, see the 2022 Event Gallery.


A quality headshot is more important than ever in today's world of remote meetings and socially distant events. Whether it is Zoom, LinkedIn or Facebook, your image shows up everywhere.

If you are a c-suite executive, senior manager, real estate agent, actor or attorney, we aim to give you something that fits your brand. We want to know what you are looking for and will work with you to find a viewpoint that will resonate with your target clients.

You may be looking to create a consistent online look for a whole team or a whole company. We can make a coherent look across a variety of people while retaining the character of each team member. We can bring our portable photography studio, set up in nearly any space and quickly capture the team in a fun, efficient way that will be painless for all involved.

The Process

1. Book your session using our convenient session scheduling calendar.  Click here to Book Now.

2. Fill out this super short form (click here) so I know who you are and what you are looking for.  Optionally Schedule a Free Consultation prior to your session.  Get tips and suggestions on colors, styles and any specific questions or concerns you may have.  Click here to Schedule the Consultation Session 

3. The day of the session, make sure your hair is well styled, you have shaved as appropriate and your clothes are sharp and wrinkle free.  These little details can make a BIG difference.

4. The session itself will be fun and relaxed with your favorite Spotify playlist playing in the background.  We will try a variety of postures and poses with active feedback and the ability to look at the pictures to allow for real time adjustments.  A positive, relaxed, smiling you is our goal!  With the photographer's assistance, you will select your best poses at the end of the session that captures the best looks.  

5. Gentle retouching will be applied to the selected photos that will remove stray hairs, soften laugh lines, remove blemishes, whiten teeth and highlight the eyes.  All adjustments will be subtle with the goal of being invisible.

6.  Final pictures will be delivered in a gallery for for final review.  A variety of suggested crops are supplied for easy usage.

Business Headshots in Sammamish

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